Hey everyone! Mark your calendars!

Sunday, June 10th, 2X Olympian, 9X National Champion and 2003 Pan Am Games Gold Medalist, Weightlifter Chad Vaughn will be at BroFit Sports Performance, hosting an Olympic weightlifting seminar.

I met Chad last October at the Power Monkey Fitness Camp and was immediately impressed. I have a ton of respect for him and his philosophy on weightlifting. An amazing opportunity for anyone interested in Olympic lifts. Chad will offer one on one personal training (1 hour), small groups of 3-5 athletes (1.5 hours), as well as a 2 hour “The Reality of Weightlifting” lecture with some practice of larger groups. I highly recommend him and what he has to offer. His pricing is very reasonable, he is very flexible on scheduling, and he is able to personalize the sessions to the athletes wants and needs, from the Olympic lifts, squatting, and mobility work.

Below are more details...

See Payment links for each option below(once your payment comes through I'll add you to the list and keep in touch with updated schedule, etc. up to the event):

-Session 1(2 hours) = $50 per person…

-Session 2(90 minutes) = $75 per person(limited to ONLY 3)…

-Session 3(90 minutes) = $75 per person(limited to ONLY 3)…

-PT Session(1 hour) = $125 per person… *there is no prerequisite for a PT session

Session Descriptions

Session 1(2 hours-$50) = The Reality of Weightlifting: Reception Preparation and Movement/Deficiency Assessment(lecture with some practice)

*Session 2(Limited to 3 ONLY-90 minutes-$75 each) = The Snatch and Applying Focus(some lecture with more practice)

*Session 3(Limited to 3 ONLY-90 minutes-$75 each) = Jerk Progression and The Clean(some lecture with more practice)

*PT Session(1-on-1 for 1 hour-NO sequence required-$125) = Complete Assessment and Individualized Application

Looking forward to this amazing experience!

Any questions: contact Brian Lang 602.513.0478 or

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