The History of BroFit?

BroFit started out as a joke really; a bunch of friends who liked to workout would meet up throughout the week and throw some weights around, which we called a "bro-sesh". We called ourselves BroFit. Our love for fitness was inevitable and the idea of BroFit began to grow bigger, so I went with it. Through various resources, BroFit took character but was still searching for its own identity. Over the next year and a half, multiple opportunities began to arise. Training CrossFit in downtown Phoenix, a coaching position with the volleyball team at Brophy College Prep, working with the AZ Sky volleyball club, running bootcamps at the Gainey Hyatt Regency in Scottsdale, and most recently coaching at my own facility, BroFit AZ: all, of which, have been a honor and privilege to be a part of. Each opportunity came down to one important factor for me - the position to impact our youth through fitness and passion for sports...

In March of 2013, my brother, Michael Lang, was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Throughout the next year my brother battled with this terrible disease, which took his life on Friday, May 2nd, 2014. This experience has opened many doors of unawareness for myself, our family and the community. The greatest moments I experienced during my brother's life was the love for his family and especially his kids. It is easy to be distracted by the complexity of the world and not focus on the simplicity of which it is. Simplicity in all forms: foods, exercise, actions, thoughts and in prayer, all set the foundations for a healthy successful lifestyle. It was a no brainer as to what to do next...

BroFit grows bigger as its identity is made. BroFit emerged with three key components: 1) keeping Christ at the center of all things, for which, "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength" (Phil 4:13); 2) being an older brother figure to these athletes, a "bro"; and 3) continue providing fitness instructing / coaching. I was lucky to have all three growing up. My amazing parents and great schools instilled within me a strong spirit and a love for God. My brother gave brotherly love - he loved me, he challenged me, and he kept me honest with myself and those around me. Most of all, he taught me about the love of a family. My trainers and coaches, of which two specifically stand out; my teacher Mack Newton and high school volleyball coach, Tony Oldani. I have so much respect for these two men; their love and passion for God, people, fitness and/or sports - there are none better. Where BroFit began as a joke, and now its name makes perfect sense. Again, all boiling down to positively impacting our youth through fitness and passion for sports...

BroFit has a home. Life can take a quick turn in any direction and it is important to be prepared for anything that it chooses to throw our way.

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